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Scientific Molding Process

Scientific Injection Molding is typically used in the production of complex parts and components where small variations in molding variables can severely impact the process or finished product. Therefore, the goal of Scientific Injection Molding is two fold:

  • Develop a process that produces repeatable results with minimal variation.

  • Optimize dimensional or mechanical characteristics of a molded part.

When developing a molding process using Scientific Injection Molding, key inputs such as time, temperature and pressure are meticulously monitored, adjusted, and controlled, to ensure that process robustness is achieved, and a good part is consistently produced.

The key to consistency is reliance on the comprehensive data collection and analysis techniques at the center of scientific molding, as well as the engineers trained in the process. Specialization is required to accurately develop and document the specifications, settings, and steps required to create a tightly controlled and repeatable manufacturing process.

Custom Molded Part
Custom Molded Part for Marine Industry
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