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President Tyson Daniels giving a tour
President Tyson Daniels Setting Automation

Polymer Contours provides a wide an assortment of plastic injection molded components with mid-to high volume automated and semi-automated production capability. Spanning from new product development through full scale production capacity, Quality Control remains the primary commitment to our customers- whatever the plastic, thermal or mechanical specifications needed.

Polymer Contours is committed to continued excellence, measured in terms of our customer retention and satisfaction. The quality of our products and service must always meet or exceed our customer’s requirements, while always remaining committed to improvement.


I purchased the company in 2015 while I was the Director of Operations for a local restaurant chain overseeing seven locations. My journey in the product development world began after my wheels were stolen off my car in 2012. A close friend and I invented an anti-theft device that led me into the plastics industry where I ultimately ended up as a buyer of injection molded products sold here in the US. A few years later I learned  

President Tyson Daniels fixing Robot

                                           about a small injection molding company with only two machines and one customer, and jumped right in! We started with one part time employee working just 12 hours a week and now have a team of 10, operate 11 injection molding machines and have over 30 customers! It has been a great ride and I cannot wait to get to the next level. 

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